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The Wrong House

April 26, 2009

President Wrong’s house, bought by D’oh with some level of input from her, the owner “donating” half of the purchase priceĀ  and valued at about $1 million.

5630 Bancroft

5630 Bancroft

According to he board, the purchase of this house is not up for discussion. According to Pres. Wrong, she had input but the board made the final decision, thought it was a good “investment.”

It’s big. The back yard is lovely. I especially like the chairs set closer to the bayou—perfect for late drinks.

5630 Bancroft: view from Bayou St. John

5630 Bancroft: view from Bayou St. John



April 16, 2009

The majority, about 80%, of non-tenured faculty have not received contracts or any word about when contracts may be sent out. A good half of the faculty are non-tenured. The majority of professors in my division are non-tenured, some tenure-track, some not. A few nonrenewal letters have trickled out but not enough to divine what’s happening in the Administration.

At last night’s faculty meeting, in front of most of these haven’t-gotten-a-contract-yet faculty, the president of D’oh said she’d had “a most wonderful day,” told us all about it, then left.



March 23, 2009

Last week during spring break, the president decided, or decided it should be known that she’d decided, to move the Writing Center and other academic support, including counseling, out of the building they’re in. Instead of a week to recoup and organize while students were gone, the Writing Center staff and others had to pack. Or were packed, it’s not clear to me since there is no direct communication, just word of mouth. There is no new location for the Writing Center. The rest of the services, I don’t know. The president and no one around her thought about where to put these support services, to put these support services somewhere at all, while whatever, if anything, is done to the building. Meanwhile, D’oh students, who need academic support, who need a writing center, and have only a quarter of the writing center they need and deserve as it is, have nothing.

Dr. DSN, the chair, recently mouthed off in a meeting. His cousin works in the Writing Center.


The President Hits the Fan

March 5, 2009

Faculty were expressly and forcefully not welcome when the president met with some alumni recently. They lit into her. One Chicago alum said the campus looks like Cabrini Green. Many complained that the campus looks awful—traditionally, it’s been a green, tree-filled, beautiful campus with a row of old oaks students wait years to walk down for graduation. Now, that row of old oaks has holes, stacks of bricks, and machinery all over it. They complained that there’s no sign in front with the name of the college on it. One expressly asked the president, Did you buy a million dollar house? The President’s answer: it was actually a Board decision but I did look at the house before it was purchased. The follow-up question: And you stand by this decision? Alumni also took her to task for changing the school’s logo. That’s history, was the complaint.

If they knew what was really going on, the president wouldn’t’ve made it out of that meeting alive.


What I Heard and Believe

March 2, 2009

Our president was drunk at convocation. Which explains the over-long, rambling, disjointed introduction that was longer than the keynote address.