About Eshu


Esu is the Divine Messenger between God and Man.   Esu sits at the Crossroad.

Esu is the Orisa that offers choices and posibility..

Esu is the gatekeeper, the guardian of the door.

Esu safeguards the principle of freewill.

Esu is the keeper of Ase.

Esu is called the divine trickster that lures man’s emotions creating variety which spices life.

Esu brings out the fool in man.  Esu brings out the symbolic child in man.  Esu’s mischief serves to wake a person up and teach them a lesson.

Esu represents the balance of nature.  Day and night, white and black, construction and destruction.  Esu is an old man and a child.   Absolute balance of nature.

Esu has a voracious appetite.  Esu has a constant drive and is always ready (erect penis).

Esu counterbalances aspects of our reality.  Esu is the patron of the “underworld” and their way of survival.

Esu—The means justify the end!

Esu must always be appeased first.

Ase O!

Symbols of Esu/Elegbara

wpe38.gif (1512 bytes) wpe39.gif (2778 bytes) cigar.gif (6881 bytes)

Saint Anthony



  1. Yes Blessings… I wanted to ask if I may quote u on ur Esu piece…By placing ur beuatiful poem of Esu on my wall with Facebook?…I am and Elder crowned Oshun now for 38yrs. Born from Oya Y Oshun….I will but it up if u don’t wanted on my wall for all to see and learn from it plz let me know…With all due respect. Ache’

    Denise Oshun
    From The Bronx

  2. See the links where the info was found and enjoy. ~ one of the faces of Eshu

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