Which No Do You Want? II

April 8, 2009

Earlier in the week:  A Student came to class the other morning, shocking me almost into silence. I shook my head as I put a check in the row by the name. In the meantime, we lost ability to connect to the D’oh website on campus. Because I swiped my computer from another office, a newer computer that ran a far newer version of Windows than the clunker I had, I use the website to access my email. This week, no email for me on campus. In addition to being able to now receive calls but not make them.

A couple days later: Early in the morning, at home, checking my D’oh email, I see an email from A Student. A Student wants my help–the final portfolio assignment that we were talking about in class is unclear, could I explain, and offer help because A Student has no idea where to start?

I had to get a cup of coffee first. Then I wrote to A Student:

A Student,

I can send you a copy of the assignment and schedule an appointment but I do not think that will help your situation. You still have no grades for the semester. Submitting this final assignment will not change or help that. I recommend that you withdraw from the course as soon as possible. I have copied this email to your advisor and your department chair so that they can assist you in adjusting your schedule for next year.

Dr. Eshu


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