Which No Do You Want?

March 24, 2009

A student came to my office to ask for an extension on a research portfolio due a week and 3 days ago. I looked at the calendar and said, You mean the one that was due on the 14th? The answer: yes. I sat in stunned silence for what I knew was too long. I asked for a reason why I should grant an extension this late. The answer: fear of the project and procrastination. I said I had no reason to grant an extension when there’d been multiple opportunities, during class, like the ones this student missed, or while passing me in the hall each week and saying Hi, Dr. Eshu, or during the many hours a week I am in my office or some office or other in a relatively small building. And, I reminded the student, you’ve turned in nothing this semester. At all, I added. I mean, I guess you might be able to almost pass if I let you turn it in but really…I paused again, silent, not as long as last time because this was too ridiculous. Friday, I said. Well, no, you know what, Thursday, I said, knowing that there was no way was this student asking for a 3-day extension or that the 10+-page, APA-style paper with 5+ sources, and I mean sources, not Wikipedia, not People, but the Journal of the American Chemical Society; Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law; International Journal of Social Economics; The Journal of Parasitology; something like that, the push, the high expectation, could be done in 3 days. The student thanked me, held in the shock well, and left my office. I was too stunned to even go tell Dr. DSN.


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