Warning Bell

March 5, 2009

D’oh is up for reaccreditation. D’oh is also on probation for financial irregularities. We have to get reaccreditation. 95% of our students get some kind of financial aid. Without accreditation, all federal aid, from grants to loans, will be unavailable to students who attend D’oh. And without accreditation, will that 5% paying $26K/year stay?

By next week, hundreds of documents need to be scanned and sent to SACS for review. Our new Provost left for an overseas trip today and will not be back until well after the SACS due date. Even though this scanning job was a topic of conversation between administrative offices and a faculty committee, no action was ever taken and the player—yes, the one person charged with doing all the scanning and uploading—is confused and now “concerned.” This player heard nothing from November 2008 until he got an email in January asking if he “needed assistance.” He still has not received “the equipment and items in the initiative.” Sounds to me like the man needs a scanner or 3 and the boxes of documents that have been compiled and, hopefully, reviewed and organized by the Provost’s staff. He can get started once he gets “the items.” And he sent this out Tuesday.

The documents are due in 11 days.


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