Dr. SC

March 5, 2009

Dr. SC of fried chicken and barbecue fame teaches a core hard science at D’oh. His job has been secured through lawsuit—a previous president tried to fire him, largely for cause but without a good enough lawyer, and he fell on campus one time some years ago. Dr. SC was put on paid leave for a year after regularly humiliating students in class, calling black students at our HBCU dumb in not so many words every single class, week after week. I was on a committee with Dr. SC. Time stopped every time he opened his mouth. He was never on topic, he never stopped repeating his one or 2 points that hardly made sense, and he demanded “respect,” more like tribute, from whoever he saw as highest ranking in the room. He’s loud, too. And presumptuous—he once told a colleague of mine that she would write his committee report for him. The colleague said No. Dr. SC was amazed and said, You can’t expect me to write it?


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