Student? Success?

March 3, 2009

In a November faculty meeting last year, we heard for the first time, in the open, about the “flexible” added to “admission standards” by those involved in admissions. Rumor has it the lowest GPA was either 1.2 or 1.8; both numbers have been asserted.

And as I read through a draft of the faculty handbook—we still have no active, published and distributed handbook—I was baffled by the proliferation of “Deans of Student Success”:

  • Dean of Student Success for Enrollment Management
  • Dean of Student Success for Financial Aid and Scholarship
  • Dean of Student Success for Records and Registration [i.e. the Registrar. I think]
  • Dean of Success for Campus Life [I don’t know if the omission of”Student” was a typo or if this is something else]
  • Vice-President for Student Success

And these are only the ones mentioned in the faculty handbook. It doesn’t count the assistant or associate VPs for Student Success or any of that. In this administrative multiplication and renaming, enrollment has dropped and student grades have gotten worse. Just about every freshperson failed one class fall semester. The average GPA was 2.1.

In my smallest class, 7 students, a class with the words “advanced” and “composition” in the title, when an assignment is due, I only get 4. The other 3 students, all from the same department, have turned in little and had less to contribute. Until Chris Brown allegedly beat up Rhianna. Then they had “a lot” to say, none of it having to do, as far as I could tell, with news reports, actual press releases, witness accounts, police reports, or relationship violence.


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