All for Me and Me for Me

February 26, 2009

“Teachers cant [sic] be stuck in the fact that they are tenured and nothing can happen to them”–quote from a student essay

Dr. DSN has been at D’oh for almost 15 years and tenured for more than a few. He manages to “teach” and “run” our department on 15 hours or less a week. Dr. DSN has office hours Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; is gone by 1:30 every afternoon he does come in; regularly comes in late, misses classes, or decides after his office hours have started that he doesn’t feel like coming in; has said that if students want to see him then they need to come at 8 when he’s in his office; and regularly complains that D’oh wants “too much” from him. He strode proudly into the Dean’s office last week to announce that he would not attend the convocation because he had promised his young cousin that he would bring her to a parade. The Dean went ballistic, reminded him repeatedly that attending this convocation (and others) is in our contracts, that he is the chair, that this convocation is in outr contracts, what the hell is he talking about, a parade? And Dr. DSN came back to the office appalled, stunned, blindsided that the Dean didn’t agree that his promise (if it really was one) was more important than our contract and a convocation that’s been on the calendar since August 2008, and then Dr. DSN said, “He [the Dean] said something about ‘leadership’—I don’t even know what he was talking about….” I didn’t bother stifling my laugh. He didn’t hear me say, “Well, what’d you expect? Why didn’t you send an email like everydamnbody else does?” or see me cover my whole face and put my head down when he said, with the indignation of an upper-middle class housewife, “I cannot keep putting D’oh first.” Then he ranted that the Dean could “write” him “up, put it in my file, so what? He can’t do nothing to me anyway.”

Dr. DSN’s teaching coming soon…..


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