February 13, 2009

Dr. NMT, my senior colleague, planned a Lincoln celebration for Feb. 12. He conceived the celebration in hopes that NPR might drop by in the midst of recording and tracking all kinds of Lincoln memorials and events. I was scheduled to read a poem of his choosing but was signed up for a seminar that got canceled at the last minute. Something told me not to tell Dr. NMT, to leave it alone. I left early on the 12th though I’d planned on staying. And what I heard through the grapevine today was singularly bad, even for Dr. NMT. He gave our dean an unedited piece to read, with no warning. After the dean struggled through it at a mike—I think attendance was low, too—the dean confronted Dr. NMT who said, chin high, voice lofty if not blithe, “Well, I expect all my readers to edit what they’ve been given.” Fine time to tell the reader. And since when do participants to do the organizer’s work? The dean was appalled, and pissed. Students who were scheduled to read and listed on the very detailed and lovely flyer the Dr. made didn’t all show up. Did they know? There was no focus to the celebration, no dialogue or inquiry or debate about Lincoln at our Deep South HBCU and in this era of the first black president. Fortunately, NPR was not there.

Dr. NMT does everything for his own glory (or “glory”), not the department, division or concentration he’s director of. When Dr. NMT’s elctronic classroom grant came through, he referred to the equipment in the grant as his. As in this direct quote: It’s MY money and I’m gonna spend it the way I want to! [This in response to comments by myself and an IT woman helping us with the grant that there was no need to buy software X and Y when they do the same thing.] Dr. NMT evacuated NO with some of that equipment. Dr. NMT took leave during the 2 years after the Federal Floods and skipped “all the fun” and chaos of holding on while D’oh tried to recover. Dr. NMT last semester sent via email my “assignment” to complete for his new grant to create another electronic/desktop publishing classroom even though wee have 2 media labs already. [The dean’s retort: And since when do you work for HIM?] Dr. NMT doesn’t want to use those labs because then he’d have to coordinate with other professors and departments. I refused the assignment. I also advised others who were being dogged by Dr. NMT to ditch their “assignments” since no one but Dr. NMT and his pet students would ever get to touch the equipment in the grant and Dr. NMT won’t let either of these colleagues teach classes in the concentration, even though both are qualified. [Dr. NMT tries each semester to shut me out of classes in the concentration though I have more experience in it than he does and have published work to more acclaim and critical attention.] Dr. NMT smiles in my face but trashes me behind my back; I know because, having better relationships with our colleagues, to whom I listen and don’t just proclaim my superiority and not-so-obvious charms, I hear EVERYthing he says about me. Such as that students don’t like my class because, well, y’know, Eshu’s just not that popular with students. When colleagues tell me this, they are laughing because students I flunk, and have flunked more than once, sing my praises and hurry to sign up for my classes.

Dr. NMT is one of the tenured deadwood that will help ruin the place. Only one. Wait ’til I tell you about Dr. SC whose class is easy to pass; just bring him some Chicken [in a] Box or McHardy’s. I also hear barbecue is worth an A.


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