The D’Oh Way

February 12, 2009

As universities with bigger enrollments and endowments halt construction projects, D’oh with a $14 million deficit (estimated; there’ve been various numbers) and threats promises of faculty cuts (no administrative or staff cuts, though) continues to build, build, build.* The promise to cut faculty, without considering curriculum, is concurrent with pushes to rapidly increase enrollment and conflicts with the promises made to students when they enter–that they will get a certain degree in a certain major or field and be able to take the classes they need in a reasonable sequence and amount of time. But that’s the New D’oh University. [The old was “washed away in the floodwaters.”]

*We’ve been told the money has to be spent by a certain date. One building is dedicated to departments and majors with very low majors and graduation numbers. Another will be a college student center like I never heard of–movie theater? bowling alley? yoga room? But I work a lot and don’t get out much.


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